Financial Media Wakeup Call: 
The Big Disconnect
The Reformed Broker points out the disconnect between the financial media, emphasizing stockpicking & day trading, to what investor are really interested in knowing & doing .. “I think the existence of this disconnect is fascinating, so many people’s mindsets are locked in this late-90’s paradigm of stockpicking as a hobby. And yet even a casual glance at the fund flows over the last few years would tell you that the Boomers have moved away from this kind of activity while the newer generations of investors (X, Y, Millennials) have never been interested in it.” .. provides a list of interesting websites on financial information .. [Cliff Notes: We are a ‘consolidator’ .. filtering through tons of articles, essays, interviews, videos & documents to bring you the best financial & economic information. When you find things on other sites that are especially good, please forward them to so we can share it with all our readers.]

LINK HERE to the essay

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